Earn £££'s back for your empty ink cartridges...........

Your HP ink cartridge has run out and you have installed your new one, what do you do with your empties? Throwing them in the bin is not really an option. These days we are very aware of the environmental issues caused by landfilling ink cartridges.

The answer is simple, send them back to us and we'll pay you for them. We are encouraging all our customers to ' Think Green! ' and join our HP printer cartridge recycling scheme.

Most Hewlett Packard ink cartridges can be recycled. A Hp ink cartridge is usually manufactured to such a high standard that it can refilled at least once and still perform as good as new. We are constantly on the look out for empty HP printer cartridges for our remanufacturing process.

How does it work?

With every original Hp ink cartridge you order we will send you a FREEPOST form. All you need to do is return your empties to the FREEPOST address on the form,  you can use the padded envelope in which your order came, we'll recycle the envelope too. FREEPOST bags are available on request.

The value of your empty HP cartridges will be printed on the form or will be listed on the actual product page.

Each empty cartridge we collect has a value, you can redeem this against a future order, or you can either request the cash back to yourself or donate it to one of the wonderful charities that we support. If you request a payment back to yourself you must reach a minimum value of £10 before we can issue a cheque. We log all the empties we receive and credit your account as you send them in, once the value has reached £10 we will raise a cheque to you or your charity.

Usually we only pay for ORIGINAL HP ink cartridges that have not been refilled before, but from time to time we will buy our own remanufactured ink cartridges, see the FREEPOST form for further details.

If you have larger amounts of HP ink cartridges to sell then please e mail your list to

This FREEPOST scheme is for GENUINE ink cartridges only, we do not accept toner cartridges, toner bottles, ribbons, compatible ink cartridges or ink tanks through this scheme.

* Important Notice: The recyclable value for ink cartridges fluctuates periodicly. We always aim to maintain the best price for our customers but invariably they may change without notice. 

Reasons to Recycle

  • Dumping Ink cartridges into landfill sites is creating an environmental time bomb!
  • Save Cash on future orders
  • Recycle for charity, choose one of ours or support a charity of your choice.
  • Using our FREEPOST system means it won't cost you a penny to to recycle with us.